Written by Bradley Barlow, Elodie Foray, Alice Jackson & Ella Sowton

Directed by Bradley Barlow

Following an assault, three friends must decide whose version of events they believe and how far they’re willing to go to support one another.

Performed as part of Playing with Fire, an evening of four short plays.

5-star Review from What’s Good to Do

8 November 2016 – read the full original review here

Playing with Fire is a series of short plays performed by Pitchy Breath Theatre Company. Pitchy Breath is a community theatre company based in Crawley so this show has a real local edge and from the reaction of the audience some of the actors were well known in the area. We watched the performance in the Studio at the Hawth in Crawley which has an amazing intimate feel and fits perfectly with a small production such as this.

Playing With Fire consists of four short 20 minute plays based on the theme of risk taking. All four themes were very different, three very funny and one far more serious in nature but all are entirely compelling.

That Night is the series performance of the show with three friends setting the scene of a night out. They take in turns to relay the night in question where one of the girl’s boyfriends makes an unwelcome pass on another of the three girls on returning drunk from the night club. Each girl questions the right and wrong of the situation and the passion that its acted out is superb and entirely believable.

My husband and I really enjoyed this production from Pitchy Breath Theatre Company and would love to attend any future performances of theirs. A brilliant light-hearted evening with a hidden message portrayed by fine acting. Highly recommended. Rating: 5/5


Pitchy Breath Theatre Company production


The Hawth Studio Theatre in Crawley, 8 & 9 November 2016;

The Capitol Studio Theatre in Horsham, 12 November 2016


Elodie Foray as Bea

Alice Jackson as Caitlin

Ella Sowton as Amelia


Written by Bradley Barlow, Elodie Foray, Alice Jackson and Ella Sowton

Directed by Bradley Barlow

Stage Managed by Dodie Browne