Written and Directed by Bradley Barlow

On the night of his wedding, ground-breaking surgeon Victor Frankenstein’s life is changed forever when his past comes back to haunt him. As he battles to justify the decisions made as a young man, he is thrust into the spotlight as his latest medical marvel wreaks a trail of catastrophe and destruction.

Celebrating 200 years of Mary Shelley’s horror classic, Monsters faithfully brings the story of Frankenstein into the 21st century.

Notes from the programme

I first read Frankenstein about 20 years ago and it has always been a story that has stuck in my mind, one that I’ve felt was ripe for being told in a modern setting. This year, the 200-year anniversary of the book’s publication, is an ideal time to explore the themes and ideas Mary Shelley originally explored in 1818 – Victor Frankenstein is a man driven by the power of his ego, something mirrored today by politicians, high profile entrepreneurs, and online celebrities, and the Creature’s desire for acceptance runs parallel with the rise of public awareness and reaction to gender and sexual identity.

Monsters isn’t a strict retelling of Mary Shelley’s book but it should still feel recognisable to those familiar with the book. Much of Victor’s life path remains the same as in the book but we’ve taken a few diversions that expands and develops the world Mary Shelley created. Some characters have larger roles than in the novel, others have occupations more in keeping with 2018, and there’s a few cultural nods in recognition of the book’s impact in the last 200 years.

The cast have worked hard to deliver creative, physical and emotional performances that we hope will make for an exciting production and I’d like to thank them for their dedication and perseverance in bringing this new version of the Frankenstein story to life. This has been a passion project long in the making and I’m grateful for having the opportunity to make it a reality with Pitchy Breath. Thank you for supporting us and we hope you enjoy the production.


Directed, filmed and edited by Bradley Barlow

Monsters: A Modern Frankenstein Story


Pitchy Breath Theatre Company production


The Hawth Studio Theatre in Crawley, 13 November 2018;

Rialto Theatre in Brighton, 14 November 2018;

Matthews Yard in Croydon, 16 November 2018;

The Capitol Studio Theatre in Horsham, 18 November 2018


Stuart Finlayson as Victor Frankenstein
Gordon Foggo as Older Victor
Mandi Hollingsworth as Elizabeth Lavenza
Ella Sowton as Henrietta Clerval
Steven Taylor as Igor Byron
Amy Taylor as Walton Roberts
Greg Field as George Percy
Aaron Pritchard as various characters
Adam Leigh Shea as various characters
Sally Gilgeours as various characters
Sara Hussein as various characters
Victoria Bennis as various characters


Written and directed by Bradley Barlow
after Frankenstein: The Modern Prometheus by Mary Shelley
Lighting design and technical operation by Philip Burke
Stage management by Tim Fifield, Mandy Masters
Photography by Kevin Day
Gods and Monsters remix by OddOneOutsoundcloud.com/oddsandpagie

Funded and supported by Crawley Borough Council