Written and Directed by Bradley Barlow

Fourteen years ago the nation was gripped by the tale of baby Jade snatched from a shopping mall. Long after the media lost interest, she is returned to her natural parents. As she battles to return to the woman she knows as Mother, and as her siblings struggle to accept the sister thought dead, how long until the cracks begin to show?

Notes from the Programme

143 Seconds was initially inspired by two major news stories of the last twenty years – the disappearance of Madeline McCann and the murder of Jamie Bulger. In both instances their parents made the decision to leave their child alone with devastating consequences. With this starting point I then began to wonder what would happen if a child was found alive and returned to her parents many years later…

At first glance the Brownwells may appear to be a fairly stereotypical council estate family, but I hope you will begin to discover that there is much more to them than meets the eye.

Whenever I write something I try to work with actors to further develop the script – this allows me to develop parts that aren’t working and also generate ideas from improvisation by the actors. This has been hugely beneficial and I’d like to thank all those that attended the workshops – some of them are already listed in the cast and crew but those not mentioned include Sue Harrington, Jeremy Joesph, Jo Joseph, Jo Ord and Sophie Walton.

I’d also like to dedicate this play to Pamela Nuttall, who recently passed away after a short illness.


Pitchy Breath Theatre Company production
Download the programme here

Performed  The Hawth Studio Theatre, 17 – 19 November 2011


Shanice  Mandy Humphrey
Sean  Olly Reeves
Darren  Richard Davies
Jasmine  Lucy Shortman
Amelia  Flossie Joseph
Louise  Roma Marsden
Maxwell  Peter Westmacott
TV Host (voice)  Adrian Bailey
Bex (voice)  Hannah Redfern
Luke (voice)  James Macauley


Stage Manager  Jo Joseph
Crew  Dodie Brown, James Macauley & Jacquie Redfern