Bradley is a freelance designer and has experience working on brand identity, conference brochures, poster and web banner design. He has also designed products for Redbubble which can be purchased here. To view examples of his work, please select a logo from the clients below.

Design work by Bradley Barlow is available at reasonable rates. For a quote, email brad [at]



Social media graphics

SGN has a range of ongoing social media design needs with brand guidelines needing to be strictly adhered to.


For 2019, SGN were looking to refresh their Twitter graphics. Using the company’s official font, palette and photography, Bradley produced a series of bold and interchangeable visuals.


To complement their refreshed Twitter visuals, SGN wanted a new look for their LinkedIn graphics. Bradley created templates for their job advertisements, recent appointments, and iconography for their RIIO2 campaign.


Brochures / Posters / Web banners

LSE Law at the London School of Economics and Political Science have a range of ongoing design needs including conference brochures, poster and web banner design.

Education Strategy

As part of LSE’s Education Strategy 2015-2020 commitments, LSE Law was required to present their own strategy to staff, students and visitors to their website. Bradley was responsible for designing the strategy paper.

View the full PDF version here.

Student Directory

The Executive LLM programme at LSE Law produces a student directory of current students and alumni. Bradley was responsible for a complete redesign of the directory.

View the full PDF version here.

Conference Brochures

LSE Law regularly organises conferences and seminars and Bradley has designed a range of brochures and leaflets to accompany these events.

View the full PDF versions here:

Art, Law and Crises of Connoisseurship

Chillin’ Conference

Law & Photography

LSE-Featherstone LGBT+ Moot

Modern Law Review Symposium on Article 50


Weekly Newsletter

Bradley created a bespoke Mailchimp template including specially designed section headers for this weekly series of newsletters for staff and students.

Web banners

Bradley has designed a range of banners for the LSE Law website.

Digital displays

LSE Law has a digial display in their reception and Bradley has designed a number of images to catch the attention of visitors.

The Family Empowerment Coach

Brand identity

The client required a logo to represent her business of supporting mothers and families. The brief included the use of a tree to symbolise growth, a bird, and a circular pattern.

Visit the Family Empowerment Coach website here

Pitchy Breath Theatre Company 

Brand identity / Posters / Programmes

As Artistic Director of Pitchy Breath Theatre Company, Bradley wanted a bold new logo to represent the dynamic work that the company creates. He has also designed posters and programmes for the company’s productions, a selection of which can be found below.

Cherry Bomb Nails & Beauty

Brand identity

The client required a logo to represent her beauty business. The brief included the use of cherries and hearts with a retro feel.

Visit the Cherry Bomb Nails & Beauty Facebook page here


Product Design

Bradley has designed a number of products available for purchase from his Redbubble page here.


A collection of one-off commissions.